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Hanko, 21 of June 2016

Investments start in Koverhar Harbour

Swecem AB expand their business and establish terminal in Finland

Swecem AB establish a new terminal for cement import by signing a contract with the Port of Hanko in Koverhar, Hanko, Finland. Choosing Koverhar as a location for their operations, is due to its´ good qualifications as a port, but also because of its’ geographical location in regard to Peab’s concrete factories in southern Finland. Operations are expected to be up and running during the last quarter of 2016.

– Due to its’ vicinity to the pilot station, good water depth in the harbour and the best possible qualifications concerning the winter conditions in Finland, we have chosen to establish new business in Koverhar. Koverhar is also optimally situated for further transport by land to our concrete factories in southern Finland, says Ludwig Zetterström, managing director, Swecem AB.

Swecem AB is aimed at trading bonding agent for the concrete production and currently has a terminal in Helsingborg for component material used in the making of concrete. The company is part of the Peab corporate group, to which also the Finnish concrete companies MBR and Vasa Betong belong.

For the Port of Hanko, Swecem AB’s investments mark the beginning of the actual port operations in Koverhar. By signing the contract between the Port of Hanko and the Swedish Swecem AB regular sea transports to Koverhar will commence. The beginning of operations is preceded by substantial investments in Koverhar by Swecem AB and the volumes will according to current plans be substantial within a few years, states the managing director of the Port of Hanko, Anders Ahlvik.

Peab is one of the North’s leading construction companies with 13 000 employees and with a turnover exceeding 44 mrd SEK (4,9 mrd euro). The corporate group has strategically placed offices in Sweden, Norway and Finland. The share is listed at Nasdaq, Stockholm. The main office of the corporate group is situated in Skåne.